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Pastor Mark Jeske takes us through a bible study based on Luke 13:1-9 titled: OK, One More Year.

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In this final week of our series we'll be studying Hebrews 6:13-20 as we worship under the theme "Disconnection from A HOPEFUL & SECURE FUTURE." What you believe is coming to you in the future absolutely impacts your perception of your present circumstances. Those who struggle with depression often have difficulty envisioning a positive future. But what if a sacrifice was made in the past that guarantees your future, no matter what may come in the present? How could/should that change your attitude? This week we'll learn that is precisely the story of Jesus, our Great High Priest.

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This week we'll be studying Job 12:7-12 and 28:20-28 as we worship under the theme "Disconnection from the NATURAL WORLD." God created humanity from the dust of the earth. We are natural creatures. What happens if we get so lost in digital, so immersed in screens, and disconnect from the natural world? Most research says it's not good. And, in fact, the Bible says there are theological reasons as well why it's good to stand in awe of the natural world. Job will help us see the connection between wisdom and nature this week, and how a right understanding helps manage anxiety and depression.

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Pastor Jeske takes us through what God has to say about sharing the Christian Spirit with a World that desperately needs Good News.

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This week we'll be studying Isaiah 58:6-11 as we worship under the theme "Disconnection from STATUS & RESPECT."  The God who created us in his image gave humanity special dignity and dominion within his creation. The more humans generate divisions amongst themselves though, i.e. gaps in status, the more disconnected we become from the honor God gave to us. Furthermore, repeatedly in Scripture God tells his people to fight for the dignity of the marginalized in society. So, how did God close the status gap for us? And what would God have us do in modern times for others?

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Pastor Jeske takes us through a bible study based on Isaiah 50:4-10 titled "Listen to the Servant: Determined, Suffering, Trusting"

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This week we'll be studying 2 Corinthians 12:2-10 as we worship under the theme "(Inability to) Disconnect from CHILDHOOD TRAUMA."  In the text we're examining this week, the Apostle Paul gives us a remarkable insight into how he dealt with his famous "thorn in the flesh."

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I.   Above All Earthly Possessions
II.  Is to Know the Lord in Faith
Based on Jeremiah 9:23-24
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This week we'll be studying Philippians 4:4-9 as we worship under the theme "Disconnection from MEANINGFUL VALUES."  Americans, heavily marketed to since birth, become addicted quite early to the belief that greater money, more/better things, and more prominent status will make us happier. The research doesn't indicate that. And Jesus himself said that "life does not consist in an abundance of possessions." (Luke 12:15) But our actions suggest we don't believe that. We're constantly chasing things we think might fill our emptiness. And we're making ourselves miserable in the process. This week, we'll hear the Apostle Paul teach us how we can rejoice in any circumstance. Anxiety can almost never be cured by external circumstances, but it can be healed by reframing the internal mindset. The gospel gives us a basis to do exactly that. 

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Pastor Jeske will talk about Christ as our cornerstone, we will continue to build on the theme "Rechurch," with a focus on rededicating our lives on Him.
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This week we'll be studying Ephesians 4:25-32 as we worship under the theme "Disconnection from OTHER PEOPLE." In an unapologetically individualistic society, it's important to note that not only is depression prevalent, but our impulses to overcome depression (which are inherently individualistic) only exacerbate the problem. To be cured, we need to stop being ourselves, and start immersing ourselves in the lives of others. Theologically speaking, this is the doctrine of "The Church." God designed us for one another, and here also teaches us how to live constructively with one another.

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Mark Jeske will be doing a bible study on Psalm 66:1-12 explaining how to "Re-energize" with the power that God gives.

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This week Pastor Hein will be studying Colossians 3:22-25 as we worship under the theme "Disconnection from MEANINGFUL WORK." On Labor Day weekend, it's worth taking a moment and reflecting on the theological purposes of labor. So many Christians struggle, as does the world, with finding meaning in daily efforts, beyond simply a paycheck. But from the Garden of Eden onward, God infused work with meaning when he told humanity, created in his image, to "subdue the earth." In this lesson we will see how daily work is meaningful, what the goal of work for a Christian should be, and how to find fulfillment in doing "whatever" to the glory of God.

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A Sermon from Mark Jeske: This Sunday we'll be studying Luke 24:36-49 as we worship under the theme Re-church: Rethink.

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Ron Kelly leads a bible study based on 2 Corinthians 4:1-17. "Our Identity in Christ".

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This week we'll be studying 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 as we worship under the theme "My Impending Resurrection".

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A Sermon from Mark Jeske: This Sunday we'll be studying 1 Samuel 7:1-13 as we worship under the theme: Re-church: Survive the Disruption.

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A Sermon from James Hein:This week we'll be studying 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 as we worship under the theme "My Love".  Most tend to forget that when Paul penned this text, which is read at virtually every wedding, Paul was never just asked "What is Love?" and then provided some sentimental musings. No, he's writing it after 12 other chapters addressing the spiritual pride of the Corinthian Church. This group believed their identity was wrapped up in their giftedness. And as Paul defines love, he's offering a critique of the way many religious people view Christianity, a critique of the way the modern world views love, and teaching us that love is actually much more a person than a concept.

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A Sermon from Dan Leyrer: This Sunday we'll be studying Romans 8:26-27 as we worship under the theme: "Give it Over to God". We will be discussing the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit's intercession in our prayer life.

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A Sermon from James Hein: This Saturday we'll be studying 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 as we worship under the theme "My Gifts". Many Christians have thought vary little about the purpose of their spiritual gifting. They know their StrengthsFinder assessment, their Enneagram profile, and certainly their personal preferences; but their spiritual gifting remains something more mysterious. EVERY believer is uniquely gifted. And the purpose of that gifting is to glorify God by loving and serving others ahead of self. But what is your gift? Where should you plug in? If only half a body works, it's generally considered "disabled." Christ gifts his entire body to accomplish his extraordinary purposes. The Apostle Paul teaches us how to think about that this week.

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A Sermon by Mark Jeske: This Sunday we'll be studying Job 38:1-11 as we worship under the theme "Enjoy God's Amazing Creation".

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A Sermon by James Hein: This Saturday we'll be studying 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 as we worship under the theme "The Meal of Fellowship". Much of the debate over the years surrounding the Lord's Supper, and this text in particular, pertains to what is or is not truly present in Holy Communion.  Deservedly so. Significantly less time, however, has unfortunately been given to the context. The Corinthians are so worldly that Paul goes to the extent of saying they're not even celebrating the Lord's Supper, though they think they are. Their lifestyle and interactions with one another are so contradictory to what God designed them to be, that they're doing more harm than good. So...what lifestyle IS the Lord's Supper designed to promote and celebrate? We'll get to the bottom of it.

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This week we'll be studying 1 Corinthians 8:1-13 as we worship under the theme "My 'Rights'". Christians are blessed with many freedoms. It's an essential concept to faith, as Jesus died to set us free. That said, there is such a thing as an abuse of Christian freedom, and the Corinthians struggled with that too. Abusing freedom involves not only exercising freedoms excessively, but exercising them in ways that are unloving to "weaker" brothers & sisters. The Christian faith is as much or more about "we" than it is about "me." Paul has a great deal more to say as he helps reconcile the divisions in Corinth.

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Based on Jeremiah 28: 5-9, Pastor Leyrer asks "When will I find peace?". No Jesus, no peace. Know Jesus, know peace.

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This week we'll be studying 1 Corinthians 7:1-16 as we worship under the theme "Understanding Sex & Marriage." There is not a single more candid, practical section in the Bible for addressing human sexuality, temptation, romantic relationships, and what to do about all of it. While these conversations sometimes make me highly uncomfortable, they always tend to bear so much fruit. God's design for human sexuality, as well as the way he talks about intimacy with Him, its amazing!

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As we observe Independence Day Pastor Jeske will take us through his message “You Don’t Have to Like the King to Support the King,” which is based on Daniel 1:1-7.

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1 Corinthians 6:1-11 Christianity is nothing if it isn't forgiveness. So what would does it say to the world if two Christians cannot resolve their conflicts without taken it to a secular court? Christians are not necessarily the most talented, most beautiful, or most intelligent, but we  should absolutely be leading the world in skills of conflict resolution - patience, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

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This week we'll be studying 1 Corinthians 5:1-13 as we worship under the theme "Different From The World." Paul has talked about pride (self-righteousness, boasting, identity) for 4 chapters. Now he's going to teach on a manifestation of that pride: an incident of unrepentant sexual immorality in the church and the church's tolerance, even pride, of it. This chapter is one of Scripture's great teachings on self-discipline and church discipline.

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Join us for our annual Juneteenth worship, celebrating our freedom in Christ, our diverse membership in a diverse neighborhood, and our compelling mission in the city. You will hear an original poem by Ron Kelly, traditional spirituals, gospel music by the Distinctively Different Quartet, and a Bible study on living our freedom from Galatians 5.

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This week we'll be studying 1 Corinthians 3:16-4:7 as we worship under the theme "The End of Self." As Paul helps shepherd a messy church in Corinth from a distance, he's eventually going to give them practical guidance on issues like sexuality, marriage, abuse of freedoms, lawsuits, worship, spiritual gifts, etc. But he's addressing the underlying issue first - i.e. PRIDE manifesting itself in self-righteousness. The church in Corinth needs to empty themselves of pride. They need a new perception of self that comes from viewing themselves only through the lens of Jesus' cross. They need to find their identity only in Christ. In this section, Paul teaches the freedom of losing yourself in Christ.

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Sermon: Matthew 7:21-29
I.   The Sand of Self Will Let You Down
II. The Rock of Christ Will Hold You Up...Forever
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This week we will be studying 1 Corinthians 1:18-31 as we worship under the theme "The Counterintuitive Kingdom." The divisions that existed in the Corinthian Church, and our world, are the result of a failure to look properly at the cross of Jesus. The cross of Jesus says that we are ALL sinners that can be saved only by the grace of God. Any differences in intelligence, wealth, beauty, past indiscretions, or otherwise, from the best to the worst of us, are all negligible in the realm of salvation. And either you believe that due to the cross, or the cross is offensive to you in its weakness and foolishness. That line is the only EITHER/OR that will exist for all eternity.

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Based on Romans 8:18-27

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NEW SERIES: Messy Christianity
Summary: The Church in Corinth is considered by some to be Paul's "troubled child" of a church plant. They are saved by Jesus and gifted by the Spirit, just like any of the other churches he worked with, but they also seem to struggle to greater degrees with worldliness. They are great examples of being fully justified, but not yet fully sanctified. And it's MESSY. But Paul uses tremendous pastoral tact, clarity, & wisdom in guiding them. And particularly in a post-Christian culture, we should expect that our church will deal with messiness too. 

This week we will be studying 1 Corinthians 1:10-17, and worshipping under the theme "The Culture of Celebrity." Whereas the Eastern World has long been considered a "collectivistic" society, the modern Western World is characterized by radical individualism. While it has brought important rights to the "individual" it has also left many feeling alone, failures in a performance-based, accomplishment-driven society. As a result, we hook our wagons to those who have "made it" to attain some feeling of significance. And this system has certainly found it's way into the modern Church. What does God, through the Apostle Paul, have to say about it? That's what we're hoping to learn.  

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Worship with us on this Pentecost Sunday! Pastor Jeske’s message “We Need The Spirit’s Control” is based on Romans 8:5-11.

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This week we will be studying Acts 15:22-35, and worshipping under the theme "THE JERUSALEM COUNCIL: Pentecost Implications." This coming weekend is Pentecost - a week where we celebrate the fact that God the Holy Spirit does not elevate any one human culture above another, but his family boundaries stretch over all nations, languages, colors, and cultures. Based on the past week of social disharmony and tragedy, it's important for Christians to ask how we're currently doing at portraying a light to the world, i.e. a Spirit-given culture that supersedes any earthly culture. The Early Church struggled with cultural superiority too, repented of it, received the grace of Jesus Christ, and then became a more beautiful version. We're looking to be that light to the world too. 

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I.  He's in Heaven, Ruling All Things for Us
II. He's on Earth, Doing All Things through Us
Based on Ephesians 1:16-23
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This week we will be studying Acts 19:23-41, and worshipping under the theme "THE RIOT IN EPHESUS: The Power and Weakness of Idols." In this account, we actually don't hear any Christians speaking. We only see the secular society in Ephesus responding to Paul's preaching of Jesus & the Resurrection, speaking about how this world's gods can't compare. Paul's message incites a city-wide rebellion. From this we learn how passionately the world defends its false gods and what to expect when we legitimately bring the culture-shaping truth and love of Jesus Christ into the world. We also find motivation to let go of our own idols to which we often  clutch too dearly.

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Join us for worship for the sixth Sunday of Easter! Pastor Jeske’s message “The Resurrection Changes Everything” is based on I Thessalonians 4:13-18.

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This week Pastoral Assistant Ron Kelly will be lead us in a message from Ephesians 2:1-10. This text is essential in understanding the manner of salvation - by grace, not by works. That message runs counterintuitive to a flesh that encourages us to feel like we are the center of the universe. It runs counterintuitive to the spirit of a society that tells us we can do ("work") anything we put our minds to. The manner of the gospel is something this fallen world rages against. So we remind ourselves of a truth that is alien to this world.

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Mother’s Day is our theme for this morning, please join us in worship! Today’s message is titled “Adoptive Mothers are God’s Heroes Too” and is based on 2 Chronicles 22:10-12.

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This week we'll be studying Acts 17:16-34 under the worship theme of "PAUL'S SERMON IN ATHENS II: Witnessing to a Post-Christian World." That's right  we're bringing it back for a second straight week. I mentioned last week that Acts 17 may very well be the single most helpful text in the Bible for figuring out how to evangelize in 2020 America. If you care about witnessing as a Christian in 2020, you must wrestle with Acts 17. The highly educated, pluralistic, hedonistic philosophers that Paul meets in Athens are about as close a biblical equivalent to America's cultural moment as one can find.  The Athenians need Law & Gospel, but they need it applied in a  away that resonates to their worldview.

In particular, this week we're going to learn the art of convincing someone they're already worshipping an Unknown God. We're also going to see the importance of repeatedly pushing people back towards the Resurrection as the focal point of any evangelistic conversation.  

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We focus on Jesus as the Good Shepherd in our study this morning. Pastor Jeske’s message is based on John chapter 10 - “THE GOOD SHEPHERD REALLY DOES CARE FOR HIS SHEEP.”

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This week we'll be studying Acts 17:16-34 under the worship theme of "PAUL'S SERMON IN ATHENS I: Witnessing to a Post-Christian World." Acts 17 may very well be the single most helpful text in the Bible for figuring out how to evangelize in 2020 America. The highly educated, pluralistic, hedonistic philosophers that Paul meets in Athens are about as close a biblical equivalent to America's cultural moment as one can find.  The Athenians need Law & Gospel, but they need it applied in a way that resonates to their worldview. So we're actually going to spend 2 weeks seeing how Paul teaches us to do that. 

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Join Pastor Leyrer on this Third Sunday of Easter as we worship under the theme “He Lives in Our Hearts by His Word.” Today’s message is titled “What a Difference God’s Word Makes,” and is based on Acts 2:36-47.

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This week we'll be studying Acts 16:23-34 under the worship theme of "THE JAILER AT PHILIPPI: How a pragmatist gets converted." Acts 16 is a chapter of conversions that are all unique. Timothy, Lydia, The Slaver Girl, and the Jailer are all VERY different people. The gospel works for all of them. And yet God's ministry to them through Paul (and others) is different from one situation to the next. It tells us something about God's personal discipleship plan for us. In particular, we're going to zero in on the category of person that most modern people fall into - the Jailer, i.e. the pragmatist. The Jailer is spiritually apathetic. What can shake someone out of their indifference and lethargy about Jesus? ANSWER: crisis & the practical benefits of Christian faith. We'll see all of that in this lesson as Paul & Silas minister in prison.

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For the past 3 years, after Easter, we've taken a look at the Book of Acts, which tells us what the Early Church did after Jesus ascended into heaven. This year we will do the same, moving from Acts 15 - Acts 19, covering incredibly valuable lessons from The Jerusalem Council, Paul's Mission Work in Macedonia, Paul's Sermon in Athens, and the Rioting in Ephesus. 

This week we'll be studying Acts 15:1-21 under the worship theme of "THE JERUSALEM COUNCIL: The Gospel is BOTH Non-Negotiable AND Extraordinarily Flexible." The Council at Jerusalem is the single most important event of the Early Christian Church that most Christians don't really know about. Yes, Jesus died for our sins and rose from the grave and the Spirit now compels us to believe this. But are there REALLY no further qualifications for salvation? Your flesh and world religions tell you there are. The gospel says otherwise. 

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Message from Easter Sunday, based on Luke 24: 13-35.

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Pastor James Hein leads us in worship on this Maundy Thursday under the theme “A Union of Things Coming Together” based on Hebrews 10:19:25.

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Pastor Jeske leads us in worship this morning as we observe Palm Sunday. Today’s message is titled “I Must Keep Going” and is based on Luke 13:31-25.

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This week we'll be studying John 12:20-33 under the worship theme of "Jesus Offers LIFE THROUGH DEATH." Common sense would tell us the way to rise above the world would be to go up. But Jesus' Kingdom is upside-down to this world. In this lesson he'll provide an extraordinary analogy of a seed dying that gives us the secret to Kingdom expansion. The way to LIFE is actually through DEATH. 

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Pastor Hein explains why we and other churches keep baptismal fonts visible in their sanctuaries. We can take comfort not only in our own baptism but also the baptism of our Savior. Based on Romans 6:1-4.

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Pastor Steinberg centers his message around the figure of Jesus that stands central not just in our sanctuary, but also in our lives.

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This week we'll be studying John 12:1-1 under the worship theme of "Jesus Offers THE ULTIMATE INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY." Sometimes "zealot" or "fanatic" is used as a dirty word for religious practitioners. The reality, however, is that EVERYBODY worships someone/something, and worship, by its very essence, is extreme. So what does extreme Christian worship look like? We find a perfect example this week in Mary of Bethany. 

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Pastor Leyrer highlights the significance of the color purple during Lent.

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From now until Easter we are back into our GOSPEL OF JOHN: Believe and Live! series, in which we see how our own unbelief is the biggest obstacle we find to true life. 

This week we'll be studying John 11:17-27 under the worship theme of "Jesus Offers SYMPATHY & HOPE." Jesus loves all people, but he also had some earthly friends that were his closest. Mary, Martha, and Lazarus fell into that category. So, when Jesus hears that Lazarus has fallen ill, and waits to visit him, his patience in the face of panic doesn't feel like love to his friends. We can learn so much from Jesus' interaction with Martha - including how to process grief, how Jesus ministers to us personally, and what the resurrection really means beyond even any superficial level. 

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Pastor Kleist outlines the meaning of phrase INRI (Iēsus Nazarēnus, Rēx Iūdaeōrum) or, "Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews," which was fixed above Jesus' head during his crucifixion.

Recorded on March 11, 2020.

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From now until Easter we are back into our GOSPEL OF JOHN: Believe and Live! series, in which we see how our own unbelief is the biggest obstacle we find to true life. 

This week we'll be studying John 10:1-15 under the worship theme of "Jesus Offers GOOD SHEPHERDING." The only Bible text that I’m aware that is built into EVERY funeral service is Psalm 23 – the Good Shepherd Psalm (i.e. “The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want... …” There MUST be something about it that so powerfully resonates with human longing that in our most vulnerable moments, the SHEPHERD metaphor, even in a non-shepherding society, is comforting. The safety, the satisfaction, the protection and provision, the tender loving care…it touches the heart in a profound way. Why? We all intuitively know we need some form of shepherding. And Jesus tells us he IS the GOOD SHEPHERD.
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This year for Lent, we’re walking through the theme, "Silent Sermons from the Sanctuary" to find inspiration and depth of learning from within the walls of our church.

"The Zimbelstern"

Recorded 03/04/2020

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From now until Easter we are back into our GOSPEL OF JOHN: Believe and Live! series, in which we see how our own unbelief is the biggest obstacle we find to true life. 

This week we'll be studying John 8:12-20 under the worship theme of "Jesus Offers LIGHT FROM ABOVE." One of the hallmarks of The Gospel of John is the 7 famous "I AM" statements. In this text we find Jesus' claim: "I AM the light of the world." And the obvious question is what does that even mean? What properties does LIGHT possess that are properly applied to Jesus Christ. We'll figure that out and find out what it means for us. 
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This year for Lent, we’re walking through the theme, "Silent Sermons from the Sanctuary" to find inspiration and depth of learning from within the walls of our church.

"The Communion Vessels of St. Marcus"

Ash Wednesday

Recorded 02/26/2020


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From now until Easter we are back into our GOSPEL OF JOHN: Believe and Live! series, in which we see how our own unbelief is the biggest obstacle we find to true life. 

This week we'll be studying John 8:2-11 under the worship theme of "Jesus Offers GRACE & TRUTH." Here we find a woman who was caught in adultery. We learn something very important about the perception of sexual sins, the necessary order of grace & obedience, and the amazing relief that comes when we move closer to Jesus. 
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Our current series is called "ALL IN" and is a study of how Christ sacrificed EVERYTHING for us, and how the appropriate response is that every aspect of our lives would fully belong to him as well.

This week we'll be studying Deuteronomy 16:13-17 under the worship theme of "Generosity Is Worship." As we do a brief view of God's major festivals in the Old Testament, with special emphasis on the Feast of Tabernacles, we see that bringing an offering to the Lord was an integral part of worship. We'll also pursue what it means that God now desires for us to offer our entire selves as "living sacrifices" (Rom. 12:1). Since Jesus' offering at the cross completed all sin/guilt offerings for us, what do our offerings signify? 

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Our current series is called "ALL IN" and is a study of how Christ sacrificed EVERYTHING for us, and how the appropriate response is that every aspect of our lives would fully belong to him as well.

This week we'll be studying Hebrews 12:1-3 under the worship theme of "Grateful Generosity." The big idea is that this life is a battlefield, a race, a fight by which we build godly character. We receive God's Word, flex God's promises, fix our eyes on Jesus who completes us and our salvation, and in doing so ... become the people that we're made to be. There is great joy and gratitude in becoming more what God created us to be. 
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This week we'll be studying Luke 21:1-4 under the worship theme of "Generosity is for Everybody." The concept of generosity is not about amounts, but about the heart. Consequently, every human is equally capable of and responsible for generosity. And every soul that has been graciously saved by Jesus has special reason to express generosity. We'll see one of my favorite examples of that this week when we look at the poor widow who offers to God her last two copper coins.

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For the next 5 weeks we'll be hitting the pause button on our Gospel of John series so that we can do something for the first time in my experience at St. Marcus - we're worshipping under the same themes & lessons across all of our services. The series is called "ALL IN" and is a study of how Christ sacrificed EVERYTHING for us, and how the appropriate response is that every aspect of our lives would fully belong to him as well. This week we'll be studying Exodus 16:10-18 under the worship theme of "Leaving a Legacy." There are some amazing concepts embedded in this account of God's miraculous provision to the Israelites. We're going to narrow down how the Israelites' story in the wilderness correlates to our story today. And we're going to see how God's rules for collecting that provision correlate to life principles for the management of blessings today. Tremendous wisdom in here about how God takes care of us and we take care of one another. 

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For the next 5 weeks we'll be hitting the pause button on our Gospel of John series so that we can do something for the first time in my experience at St. Marcus - we're worshipping under the same themes & lessons across all of our services. The series is called "ALL IN" and is a study of how Christ sacrificed EVERYTHING for us, and how the appropriate response is that every aspect of our lives would fully belong to him as well.

This week we'll be studying 2 Corinthians 9:6-11 under the theme of "Confident Generosity." This portion of 2 Corinthians is arguably the most extensive teaching in all the Bible on generosity and any Christian who presumes to be generous must do some wrestling with. 
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In the opening weeks of our series, Jesus is clearly making the case of his Messiahship.

This week something happens that is somewhat shocking and disappointing, but is nonetheless quite revealing - Jesus miraculously heals a man who doesn't appreciate him, doesn't worship him, and actually turns him in to the authorities. And the Apostle John, in his own way, is teaching us this is the basic way humanity reacts to the GRACE of Jesus Christ. The gospel is never what the flesh expects, often what the flesh isn't asking for, and we'll figure out what that means as we study "The Miracle at the Pool by an Unrecognized God" from John 5:1-30. 

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In the opening weeks of our series, Jesus is clearly making the case of his Messiahship.
He's made his case to his early disciples and the Jewish Leadership, and this week he's making his case to the Samaritans. Specifically, Jesus here encounters a woman who has been ostracized from her community due to her lifestyle choices. But Jesus refuses to avoid her. He travels directly to her and states that his gospel is for her as well. This week we seek a perfect template for evangelism as we study John 4:1-24. 

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In the opening weeks of our series, Jesus is clearly making the case of his Messiahship. Last week he made his case to and through John the Baptist and his early disciples/followers. This week, Jesus is making his case to Jewish leadership. Specifically, he has an encounter with a religious leader named Nicodemus, who he tells to be “born again.” This interaction offers us fascinating insights on the difference between religious moralism and the gospel life. This week we’ll look at “Nicodemus and Being Born Again” from John 3:1-15.

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A special Christmas Eve message from Pastor Hein. 

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From Christmas till Easter, each year, we’ve been working our way through a Gospel. 2 years ago we did Mark. Last year we did Matthew. This year we’ll be taking a look at The Gospel of John. The Apostle John was in the inner circle of Jesus’ disciples. He was an eyewitness of Jesus’ ministry and resurrection and his Gospel is the last recorded of the four. The purpose of his book is to see the clear evidence that Jesus is the Son of God, God himself, and experience the abundant life that comes as a result.


For the first 5 weeks of this series, we’ll be looking at Jesus making his case of his Messiahship, to a variety of different groups. This week Jesus is making his case of Messiahship to his early followers.

We’ll open John’s Gospel with a brief study of John the Baptist (different guy from the author). John the Baptist gets the insane distinction of being the greatest human ever born (discounting Jesus himself). What made him so special? Well, of course it was God’s grace. But comparatively, John the Baptist saw something better than anyone else. What was it? And if we saw it to, what would happen? We’ll answer that question this week as we look at “John the Baptist’s Sense of Self” from John 1:19-34.

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We are in our last week in Genesis. And we’re closing with one of my favorite stories of the Bible. It was not until I was an adult, and I comprehended God’s activity in the story of Joseph & his family, that I started to understand the power of God’s sovereignty in my life. This week’s lesson teaches us not merely THAT we should forgive others or THAT we should be content in all of life’s circumstances, but it explains WHY it’s so reasonable. This week we’ll be studying the infinitely deep and beautiful lesson of “Joseph Forgiving His Brothers” from Genesis 50:15-21.

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For 2 weeks, we watched Jacob move from being a casual believer, to experience an encounter with God’s grace at rock bottom, to struggling with life, wrestling with God, and ultimately holding on to God until he experiences God’s blessing. But how would all of this affect Jacob’s family? The good and the bad travels with Jacob. And this week we move a bit from contemplating our faith in the dark, individual moments, to contemplating how it operates in the communal, relational moments. We’ll be studying “Joseph’s Dreams” from Genesis 37:2-11, 23-36.

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Last week we saw Jacob experiencing his first encounter with God. We learned that it’s one thing to know about God, but another to know God. This week, 20 years later, we see that Jacob has only come to truly trust God after struggling him. And we learn that an essential part of developing a relationship with God can only come in wrestling with him. This week we’ll be studying “Jacob Wrestles With God” from Genesis 32:22-32.

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Jacob is the perfect illustration of what happens when you don’t get loved the right way and you start self-medicating. You’re become both a victim and a criminal – i.e. you hurt from problems you didn’t create, but then you take matters into your own hands and try to solve things, only to end up making the situation worse. The real solution is that God’s grace drives him into our brokenness. That experience of grace is what leads to heart transformation. This week, we’ll see what that looked like in the life of Jacob, and what it can mean in ours as well as we study “Jacob’s Ladder” in Genesis 28:10-22.

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The only way to truly measure love is to see what you’re willing to endure in order to bless someone. In other words, true love can only be measured by sacrifice. The Bible says this is how we know the extent to which God loves us (1 John 3:16). There is likely not a better image in the Old Testament that depicts the gospel than the story of “Abraham Offers Isaac to God,” from Genesis 22:1-18, which we’ll study this week. We learn here something about the necessity of sacrifice for meaning in life, for reciprocating God’s love, and, most importantly, God’s sacrifice for our salvation.

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One of the most divisive stories in the Bible is that of “Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed.” Often, the reason for the controversy stems from each of us looking at the account through our own narrow lens. In reality, the account is one of undeserved, gracious, miraculous deliverance. This week we’ll see what we can learn about the “Sin of Sodom”, the erosion of godliness, and the integrity of our Christian witness as we study Genesis 19:1-17.

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One of the principle teachings of the Reformation was the Doctrine of Vocation – the idea that there aren’t spiritual classes, but rather, that God has called EVERY believer to meaningful work. Much seems mysterious about this “calling” thing, so we’ll clear up some confusion about God’s call, we’ll wrestle with the implications of what it actually means, and we’ll see the grace that exists in the Christian call. We’ll do this as we worship under the theme “The Call of Abram” and study Gen. 12:1-9.

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This week, we’re hitting the pause button on our current worship series to hold an October Missions Festival. We will be praying for home missions, world missions, and the personal mission fields in each of our lives. We will be studying Colossians 3:1-2, 16 and applying what it means to let the message of Christ dwell deeply within us and within our congregation

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In our 4th week of the series, we yet again hit another major turning point in human history – the story of Noah and the Flood. We’ll learn that the “Floods” of a fallen world are primarily caused by human selfishness. The only way to find shelter in the midst of the inevitable storms is still in the Ark. And the way to be confident that God has turned away his anger from humanity is by focusing on a sweet-smelling sacrifice from his Son. We’ll be studying a whole bunch of verses from Gen 6-9.

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We’re in our 3rd week of the series, and this week we’ll be dissecting the story of Cain and Abel. Envy and bitterness result in a highly religious guy, a guy who knows God, killing his own brother, with painful consequences. Already in a fallen world, we discover how sin, God’s grace, and hope for salvation are present in every human story. We’ll be studying Genesis 4:1-16.

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Outside of Jesus’ death and resurrection, the most classic, most famous story of the Bible is likely the Fall of Mankind. It is the quintessential story of INFINITE DEPTH. The exact same dynamics that happened with Adam and Eve in the Garden at the Tree has happened to humans billions of times since. And the solution is the same. What are those dynamics? We’ll dig into it as we examine Adam and Eve’s Fall from Genesis 3:1-9.

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We all have a lot of stories that we perhaps studied as kids in Sunday School, but we’ve never really, fully reexamined them as adults. These stories do have superficial morals, which we probably learned when we were young, but we may not have understood how the stories fit in to the greater story of Jesus and salvation, nor how our daily struggles resonate with these ancient characters. They are INFINITELY deep. So, we revisit them, not because the stories are new, but because we are continuously being made new. 

This week we’ll examine the Creation Account from Genesis 1:1-25.

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In the final week of our series, we’ll be looking at our 4th St. Marcus CORE VALUE: Radical Expectations. We’ll be studying the story of Jesus, on Maundy Thursday, getting down on his hands and knees and washing his disciples’ feet. It was a disgusting task that demonstrated unthinkable humility. Further shocking to the system is the fact that Jesus then says, “You will be blessed if you do these things.” What does this mean? We’ll look to find out as we study together John 13:1-9, 17.

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This week we come to the 3rd of our St. Marcus CORE VALUES: Biblical Discipleship. This concept means that your life agenda is not your own; it’s not driven by your wants and desires. Growth and development requires structure and discipline. It requires sitting at the feet of another as well as helping lead another. It requires confronting the truth, no matter how enjoyable or painful…because the truth of God sets people free. Jesus elaborates on this method to liberation as we study together John 8:31-42.

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Last week, we had the opportunity to talk about what sacrificial love to one another looks like, including in our community. This week we’re hopping back to look at the first of our CORE VALUES, “Christ First.” It’s ultimately an issue of priorities. And the story of Mary & Martha is tremendously profound when it comes to learning to balance multiple important things in life. This week we’ll study Luke 10:38-42.

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For the second straight year, we’re going to be spending a month at the beginning of our school year studying our St. Marcus CORE VALUES. This week we’re looking at the CORE VALUE of “Sacrificial Love” as we have the 3rd annual opportunity to be “in our community” for worship at our Outdoor Service.

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Run the Race Marked Out For You

I. Christ is Your Strength

II. God Gives You Training

Based on Hebrews 12:1-11

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This is the FINAL WEEK in our summer series on Romans. After explaining our justification (chapters 1-4), and our the initial natural reactions of our flesh to that justification (chapters 5-7), the Apostle Paul is now going to teach us about how to lead a “Life by the Spirit” (Rom. 8:5-17). This involves a radical redefining of WHO you are and WHAT you do in life.

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We’re up to week 9 of 10 in our summer Romans series. In chapter 6, Paul addressed the attitude that if Jesus paid for our sins, our sins must not matter anymore. Now, in chapter 7, he’s moving into teaching us how to better fight temptation. All Christians struggle with sin. But all Christians are also given a supernatural power to overcome. And the long-term answer to winning more battles is not merely in asserting greater willpower. This week we’ll look at a lesson on “War With Self” as we study Romans 7:14-25.

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In Romans 6, Paul is helping us work out the implications of “Justification” (i.e. God declares us “not guilty” of our sins because of Jesus’ work. That means eternal salvation! But what does it mean for my life RIGHT NOW?) If my sins don’t detract from my salvation, do they even matter? If good works don’t generate salvation, then why bother? Paul anticipates that logic and responds by giving us a lesson on what it means to be “Slaves to Righteousness” in Romans 6:19-23.

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We are in the 2nd half of our summer series on Romans. The Apostle Paul has clearly established that salvation comes as the gift of Christ Jesus, not through pedigree (who you are) or performance (what you do). The natural response for some listeners was to say, “Well, I guess what I do in my life doesn’t make any difference then. Are you saying my sins don’t matter?” Paul is directly addressing that logic this week and it’s supremely practical.

Paul confronts everything you’ve ever been disgusted with in yourself or others in licentious, lukewarm, standardless Christianity. And he teaches us that if we are “United to Christ” we become instruments of righteousness. Join us this week as we examine Romans 6:5-14.


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This week we begin our 2nd half of the series on Romans. The Apostle Paul is shifting from making the radical statement that we are saved by grace (NOT performance or pedigree) through faith in chapters 1-4 to now teaching about how that impacts our present lives in chapters 5-8. This week we’ll learn 4 distinct and amazing implications of the Christian gospel as we worship under the theme “What Justification Brings” and study Romans 5:1-11.

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Every human wants acceptance, love, and appreciation. In this world, we’re convinced we’ll have to work for it. That’s how the world operates - meritocracy. So we work hard at something on which all our hope rests. The Apostle Paul would call that life pursuit our “boast.” And if we achieve what we’re working for, we become proud. If we fail at what we’re working for, we start self-loathing. Both of those are dangerous.

But what if there was a validation we could receive that would make us confident, but not arrogant? Humble in success but also content even after failure. The gospel offers exactly that. It’s what Abraham needed. It’s what David need. And Paul will teach us this week that we need it too as we study Romans 4:1-8.

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At the center of all biblical doctrine is Paul’s Letter to the Romans. And at the center of Romans is the notion of gifted “RIGHTEOUSNESS,” perhaps the most under-comprehended, underappreciated teaching of the Bible. This week we’ll do our most thorough study of this concept of “The Righteousness of the Gospel” as we examine Romans 3:21-31.

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In Romans, Paul teaches that the good news of Jesus is the only one-size-fits-all solution for humanity. Last week we established that the gospel is the thing that the pagan world desperately needs. The bad behaviors in society come when people suppress the truth of God and exchange it for a love of created things. This week, Paul teaches about another form of idolatry – a religious idolatry. Consequently, though they tend to be shocked by this revelation, religious people need the gospel just as much as the pagans. Paul will expound on this truth as we study Romans 2:17-29.

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Humanity’s greatest need is reconciliation to the God we’ve rebelled against. Last week, the Apostle Paul told us that this reconciliation cannot come through man’s work, but only through Christ’s gift. This week, Paul adds the thought that the pagan world is not inherently interested in this “good news” of Jesus. This world inherently knows the truths of God, but suppresses those inconvenient truths, choosing to worship created things rather than a Creator God. And this idolatry drives all the bad behavior we see in the world, including our own. As we study Romans 1:18-25 this week, however, we’ll see what God does to solve the problem.

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This summer we’re going to be working our way through the first half of Paul’s Letter to the Romans, which is considered by many scholars to be the most foundational of Christian writings. It is here that the Apostle Paul, who is the primary human agent that God uses to record the New Testament, lays out the essence of the gospel in the most comprehensive form. This week, as we hear Paul stating that he is not “ashamed” of the gospel, we’ll be looking at the natural offense the message of Jesus is to human flesh, which is further proof as to why we need that gospel. The start to our series will be a study of Romans 1:16-17.

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This is our final week in the series and we’ll be worshipping under the theme “Merely Human Messengers.” This week we examine a fascinating account from Acts 14:8-21 in which the pagans in the city of Lystra don’t know what to make of Christian missionaries Paul and Barnabas. In fact, after witnessing a miracle, they start worshipping them as gods. This week we’ll examine what we can learn from this for our own witness.

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