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The end of the year is a nice time not only to remember, but also to let go. The biblical concept of forgiveness is primarily letting go of holding things against others any longer. This doesn’t come naturally. And when it doesn’t come at all, this bitterness turns into what is called WRATH. It’s the same impulse that led to Esau desiring to kill his own brother. We need to learn how to forgive in order to find peace. And this week, we’ll learn how to do that by studying Hebrews 12:12-17.

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Without question, perhaps especially this time of year, the world struggles with ENVY. And for many of us, it’s not nearly as simple as wanting more material things. Sometimes it’s the charm of a seemingly perfect family. Sometimes it’s the talents of someone who objectively just has more gifts than us. Or sometimes it’s simply the nostalgic longing for “the way things used to be.” But that yearning for MORE easily turns into a despising of what we currently have, and this eats away at our souls. It definitely happened with the Israelites. And this week we’ll see what to do about it as we study Numbers 11:4-6.

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If the world has a definition of “sin” anymore, it’d probably be something like doing bad things. That’s partially true. In Catechism classes, we might call that “Sins of Commission.” But more subtle, and sometimes more offensive, are what we might call “Sins of Omission.” This is not so much doing the wrong thing, but failing to do the right thing. This hurts people just as much. And these are the sins that are the easiest to forget about. We’ll be discussing this concept of the deadly sin of LAZINESS/SLOTH as we tackle the case study of Jacob in Genesis 34:1-7. 

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The concept of the Seven Deadly Sins is not so much that we love bad things, but that we hyper-love and over desire good things. It’s an excessiveness and misguided prioritization of the heart. The sin of LUST is primarily a sin of craving the excitement and pleasure of human sexuality in a way outside of God’s beautiful design.

This week we’ll be looking at a case study on LUST in the story of Joseph & Potiphar’s Wife from Genesis 39:2-21.

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