St. Marcus MKE Sermons

Week 6, our FINAL WEEK in our “FAITH BUILDERS” series, we’re going to be looking at Christian Living. Everything we’ve looked at up till this point has been about recognizing what God has done for us. This week we’re asking how God’s grace leads us to respond? The short answer is “LOVE,” but fallen humans can even get that distorted if they don’t let their love be guided by Jesus’ teaching. So, this week we’ll examine what Jesus thinks a life of Christian love looks like by studying Matthew 22:34-40.

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Week 5 in our “FAITH BUILDERS” series, we’re going to be looking at The Sacraments. There is a significant level of division in the Christian Community regarding what Baptism and Holy Communion are, and what they accomplish. There is also some overlap and agreement of definitions. In our worship, we’ll start with that, and examine Scripture to guide us from there to determine whether Baptism and Communion are best considered “Sacraments” or “Sacrifices.”

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