St. Marcus MKE Sermons

FINAL WEEK in the series. We started the series with a summary of the gospel as it relates to the city and we’ll end the series with a concluding piece of wisdom on how if God’s people are doing what they’re supposed to be doing, the city will be blessed. Our worship this week will be anchored in Proverbs 11:10-11.

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Sermon based on Colossians 3:22-24.

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This week we’ll worship under the theme of “Social Healing: The gospel creates alleviates social brokenness.” and we’ll be studying Amos 5:7-15. Amos is the main prophet that God used to call his people to repentance on social injustice. This isn’t an ancient issue – it’s relevant today and important that we at St. Marcus be leaders on this.

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This week we’ll worship under the theme of “Transformation: The gospel creates changed lives” and we’ll be studying Acts 10:27-35. The Apostle Peter struggled a bit with what could maybe best be considered “cultural elitism”, or worse, racism. But God converted him out of this through occasions like meeting Cornelius, a Roman centurion. This lesson teaches us not only how to transform out of any latent racism of our own, but also how to change in general.

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