St. Marcus MKE Sermons

This week we’ll be starting our summer worship series, “Renewed Church. Renewed City.” It’s essential that the members of St. Marcus, in the heart of MKE, possess a proper theology of City. What does that mean? For starters, it means we must be moved by the gospel, which tells us that Christ has done everything necessary to save us, so that we are now freed to serve others. So why are we still so obsessed with ourselves? We’re not yet resting in the righteousness of Christ. This sermon is based on Galatians 2:16-3:3.

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Pastor Paul Steinberg shares a message about discipleship based on Matthew 7: 15-29.

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Pastor Dan Leyrer will be sharing a message from 2 Cor. 13 about What an Extraordinary God We Have.

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This week is Pentecost Sunday. That’s the anniversary of the Christian Church – when Jesus sends his Spirit down. And so we’ll be looking at the work of the Spirit. Jesus teaches us in John 16:5-11 that there are 3 life-altering things the Spirit exposes to us.

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