St. Marcus MKE Sermons

This is our last week in Demonstrating the Divine. We’ll be looking at one of my personal favorite texts/Sundays of the year – Transfiguration. It’s arguably as essential to the Christian calendar as Christmas or Easter, but gets very little press. The story exposes our broken relationship with glory in this world and teaches us how to be healed. We’ll try to clear some of that up and explain its relevance when we look at Matt. 17:1-9.

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This is our final week in Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount.” Here he comes up with this crazy “turn the other cheek” principle. It’s uniquely and distinctly Christian, difficult and totally unnatural, but extraordinarily beautiful. We’ll take a look at what “turn the other cheek” really means on Sunday night, Matt. 5:38-48.

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We’re looking again at Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount” this week and Jesus’ statements on morality. The world believes moral obedience to God is what earns salvation. The gospel teaches that salvation is a gift from God’s grace through Jesus. So why be moral? We’ll take a look on Sunday night, Matt. 5:21-37.

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We’re looking again at Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount” this week and Jesus’ famous comparison to Christians as Salt & Light. The brilliant analogy provides many interesting points of application for the Christian life. Matthew 5:13-16.

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