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Week 6, our FINAL WEEK in our “FAITH BUILDERS” series, we’re going to be looking at Christian Living. Everything we’ve looked at up till this point has been about recognizing what God has done for us. This week we’re asking how God’s grace leads us to respond? The short answer is “LOVE,” but fallen humans can even get that distorted if they don’t let their love be guided by Jesus’ teaching. So, this week we’ll examine what Jesus thinks a life of Christian love looks like by studying Matthew 22:34-40.

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Week 5 in our “FAITH BUILDERS” series, we’re going to be looking at The Sacraments. There is a significant level of division in the Christian Community regarding what Baptism and Holy Communion are, and what they accomplish. There is also some overlap and agreement of definitions. In our worship, we’ll start with that, and examine Scripture to guide us from there to determine whether Baptism and Communion are best considered “Sacraments” or “Sacrifices.”

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Week 4 in our “FAITH BUILDERS” series, we’re going to be looking at The Revealed God. The way we best know God is how he revealed himself in the person of Jesus. Jesus, the God-Man, is IT. He’s the central character of the Bible. He’s the one who holds the universe together. He’s the one essential in your life. And meeting with his body is the axis of the believer’s week. I hope you don’t get tired of admiring Jesus, because that’s what we’ll be doing for all eternity. This week in worship, we’re going to briefly look at how the entire Old Testament prefigured Christ in the roles of Prophet, Priest, and King. Our message will be based on Acts 3:11-26.

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Week 3 in our “FAITH BUILDERS” series, we’re going to be looking at The Mysterious God. Why would not being able to comprehend much about the working of God be an asset to our relationship with God, not a detriment? We’ll find out as we echo with the Apostle Paul some words of praise from Romans 11:33-36.

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Week 2 in our “FAITH BUILDERS” series, we’re going to be looking at Biblical Interpretation. THIS, more than anything, is the explanation to why we have over 200 different denominations (and non-denominational churches) in the country today. We all use the same Bible, but it boils down to an issue of correct interpretation. If you’ve never wrestled with biblical interpretation, it’s an enlightening insight into why you believe what you believe. While our message will once again be a survey of biblical teaching, our root text will be found in 1 Cor. 2:6-14.

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This week, Peter will teach us from 2 Peter 1:12-21 that the Bible really is God’s Word, not man’s words, and therefore we should be asking ourselves what it looks like to treat the Bible as the ultimate authority of our lives. 

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This week we're going to take advantage of the seasonal opportunity to share the Bible’s teaching on demonic activity. While the Bible says our primary struggle as Christians is against spiritual forces of evil, many Christians, patterning the secular world, seem to believe our biggest struggles are related to worldly circumstances. We’ll look to renew our hearts and minds by watching Jesus cure a demonized man, the account of Mark 5:1-20.

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This week Pastor Leyrer will be leading worship with a message on Matthew 22:15-21, a lesson where Jesus avoids the Pharisees’ trap about paying taxes to Caesar. Jesus again teaches us how to navigate the tricky issue of imperfect earthly authority.

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This Sunday we're looking at Matthew 21:28-32; the story of two sons who say one thing and do another.

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This week James teaches us about Mature Priorities. A child cannot think beyond instant gratification. One of the evidences of maturity, then, is when someone begins to think consequentially, long-term, eternally even. This week, we’ll study James 4:13-5:6 and see what the gospel does to our life priorities.

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This week James teaches us about Mature Desires. The modern person doesn’t tend to think our feelings are really ever wrong, but that feelings and desires are simply the product of who we are. But the Bible says that sin is so pervasive in the world that it’s even corrupted our desires. This week we’ll contrast our natural desires with our designed desires and see how the gospel helps us bridge the gap. We’ll study James 4:1-10.

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This week James teaches us about Mature Speech. Sticks and stones can only break bones. Words are MUCH more powerful. They can shape – build up or destroy – your entire sense of self. Even more, they shape our opinion of God. This week we’ll study James 3:1-12.

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The Book of James: For Maturing Audiences Only. This week James (Jesus’ brother and the 1st Bishop of the Christian Church in Jerusalem) is teaching us about not showing favoritism. The goal is that Christians would evaluate people on the basis of grace, not like the world, which judges people on the basis of what others can do for us. This week, under the theme “Mature Kindness,” we’ll study James 2:1-13.

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The Book of James: For Maturing Audiences Only. James is a massively practical book of the Bible that teaches us what our lives would look like if we fully believed, i.e. took to heart and put into practice, the gospel of Jesus Christ. This week’s focus will be on James 1:19-27, as we look at what prevents us from “Mature Actions.”

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The sinful nature kicks back against earthly authority, but God’s design for submission is a beautiful thing that channels many blessings. We’ll examine Romans 13:1-7.

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FINAL WEEK in the series. We started the series with a summary of the gospel as it relates to the city and we’ll end the series with a concluding piece of wisdom on how if God’s people are doing what they’re supposed to be doing, the city will be blessed. Our worship this week will be anchored in Proverbs 11:10-11.

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Sermon based on Colossians 3:22-24.

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This week we’ll worship under the theme of “Social Healing: The gospel creates alleviates social brokenness.” and we’ll be studying Amos 5:7-15. Amos is the main prophet that God used to call his people to repentance on social injustice. This isn’t an ancient issue – it’s relevant today and important that we at St. Marcus be leaders on this.

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This week we’ll worship under the theme of “Transformation: The gospel creates changed lives” and we’ll be studying Acts 10:27-35. The Apostle Peter struggled a bit with what could maybe best be considered “cultural elitism”, or worse, racism. But God converted him out of this through occasions like meeting Cornelius, a Roman centurion. This lesson teaches us not only how to transform out of any latent racism of our own, but also how to change in general.

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This week we’ll worship under the theme of “Community: The gospel creates a new community” and we’ll be studying Ephesians 4:29-5:2. This is a natural extension of our discussion last week on “Other-Focus.” A bunch of people living together with other-focus creates the City of God that Jesus designed Christians to be.

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Other Focused: The gospel makes us a people for others.”  The natural inclination of the fallen human spirit is to be self-focused. And our world only stokes those me-first flames. But the gospel means that I’m taken care of by Jesus and can now turn my attention outward, boasting in our Lord along the way (1 Cor. 1:26-31).

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This week, Pastor Dan Leyrer is preaching on the theme, “Lord, Give Me the Strength to Speak,” based on Jeremiah 20:7-13.

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This week we’re taking a look at how the gospel changes our attitude toward the city. If you’re wondering why we’re doing a series on gospel work in the city, or why you’ve never heard a worship series focused on “the city” before, this will be the lesson that explains it. We’re doing this series not merely because St. Marcus is in heart of MKE, but because God wants his people to have a proper Theology of City. The often-cited Scripture passage for Theology of City is Jeremiah 29, which we’ll be digging into on Sunday.

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This week we’ll be starting our summer worship series, “Renewed Church. Renewed City.” It’s essential that the members of St. Marcus, in the heart of MKE, possess a proper theology of City. What does that mean? For starters, it means we must be moved by the gospel, which tells us that Christ has done everything necessary to save us, so that we are now freed to serve others. So why are we still so obsessed with ourselves? We’re not yet resting in the righteousness of Christ. This sermon is based on Galatians 2:16-3:3.

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Pastor Paul Steinberg shares a message about discipleship based on Matthew 7: 15-29.

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Pastor Dan Leyrer will be sharing a message from 2 Cor. 13 about What an Extraordinary God We Have.

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This week is Pentecost Sunday. That’s the anniversary of the Christian Church – when Jesus sends his Spirit down. And so we’ll be looking at the work of the Spirit. Jesus teaches us in John 16:5-11 that there are 3 life-altering things the Spirit exposes to us.

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“I pray. It doesn’t always seem to help. What am I doing wrong?”  This week we get to listen in on God speaking to himself and can learn some powerful truths from noting how Jesus prays to his Father. If you’d like to prep, we’re digging into John 17:1-5.

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“Jesus died for my sins. So why am I still so sad?” Almost every careful thinking Christian I know has wondered this at some point. And the answer lies within something Jesus calls “Another Advocate.” We’ll find out more this week as we dig into John 14:15-21.

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This Sunday we encounter the disciples on the Road to Emmaus. They have a very common, relatable problem – they don’t see the world through the lens of the Resurrection, and it’s making them terribly depressed. We’ll learn what gets them over that as we study Luke 24:13-35.

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The Sunday after Easter is traditionally marked as a time to highlight “Doubting Thomas.” I’m not sure that name is super fair, but we certainly benefit from Thomas’ skepticism. But is our struggle of faith the same as that of Thomas. We’ll take a look this week (John 20:19-31) as we start up our new series, Jesus Always Shows up.

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This weekend will be the first distinctly Palm Sunday sanctuary service LIVE IT has had in years. The message of Palm Sunday is very unique – the unorthodox kingship of Jesus. This week’s theme is “Rising Out of Earthly Glory” as we look at Matthew 21:1-11.

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As we close in on Easter, we’re grasping what it means that God brings life out of death. This week we’ll take a look at John 11, where Jesus brings one of his best friends, Lazarus, back to life. But before he could do that, he allowed Lazarus, whom he loved to become sick. Much to learn about God’s allowance of pain and what he brings out of it.

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I’ve been wrestling this week for many hours with our text. John 9 is a long, fascinating story about a blind man that Jesus gives sight to, and in the process it blows up his life. And I’m finding it’s a story that teaches us something about the inherent blindness of EVERY person, it teaches us about the way we falsely process the pain we face in life, it teaches us how naturally the world rejects Christ and how passionately Christ pursues us. This week, we’ll be worshiping under the theme Rising out of Blindness. John 9:1-7, 13-17, 35-39.

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This week’s theme is “Rising Out of Arrogance.” If there’s one Christ-like attribute I’d like St. Marcus to be known for, it might be humility. Morality is good, but you can be moral and arrogant. There are lots of moral Mormons, Muslims, and non-religious people. But any performance-based religion will logically lead to a certain level of self-righteousness or self-loathing. On the other hand, the gospel leads to humility. And Christian humility also helps develop morality. This week we’ll see how the cross gives us humility of intellect, humility of power, and humble joy. Matthew 20:20-28.

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As we enter the first week of Lent, we’ll be looking at the original temptation and the fallout, which was directly related to gender roles. The tension that exists in the world between men and women is the product of our designed wiring gone awry. But there’s still hope. An offspring of the woman comes to untangle the wires and empower us to carry out our design. We’ll look at Gen. 3:14-20.

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This is our last week in Demonstrating the Divine. We’ll be looking at one of my personal favorite texts/Sundays of the year – Transfiguration. It’s arguably as essential to the Christian calendar as Christmas or Easter, but gets very little press. The story exposes our broken relationship with glory in this world and teaches us how to be healed. We’ll try to clear some of that up and explain its relevance when we look at Matt. 17:1-9.

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This is our final week in Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount.” Here he comes up with this crazy “turn the other cheek” principle. It’s uniquely and distinctly Christian, difficult and totally unnatural, but extraordinarily beautiful. We’ll take a look at what “turn the other cheek” really means on Sunday night, Matt. 5:38-48.

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We’re looking again at Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount” this week and Jesus’ statements on morality. The world believes moral obedience to God is what earns salvation. The gospel teaches that salvation is a gift from God’s grace through Jesus. So why be moral? We’ll take a look on Sunday night, Matt. 5:21-37.

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We’re looking again at Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount” this week and Jesus’ famous comparison to Christians as Salt & Light. The brilliant analogy provides many interesting points of application for the Christian life. Matthew 5:13-16.

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One of the most famous texts of Scripture is Jesus “Sermon on the Mount.” It’s also one of the most commonly misunderstood, especially the opening “blessed” statements, called the Beatitudes. We’re going to clear a lot of that up this week and see how Jesus conditions our hearts to enter the kingdom. I guarantee it will be a new understanding for many of you. Matthew 5:1-12.

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This Sunday we’ll be taking a fairly deep look at discipleship, a continuation from our study last week. If Jesus is good, it makes sense that we’d push our chips to the center of the table and go all in on him. But what does that look like in our personal lives? What did that look like for the first disciples? How does that shape the direction of our church? We’ll find out as we examine Matthew 4:18-23.

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Week 2 of “Demonstrating the Divine”. Followers of Christ are called Disciples. This week and next we’ll be zeroing in on the concept of what discipleship looks like. We follow because Jesus was the Lamb who sacrificed himself for our salvation. Somewhat frighteningly, discipleship means we’re also willing to follow him anywhere, wherever he leads us. Discipleship is a rich thought, and I hope you can join us for the study of it and worship tomorrow evening.

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In our 3rd week of Advent, we continue in our series Listen. Don’t Look. This week we’ll be listening again to the voice of John the Baptist. This is honestly one of the most helpful texts I’ve found in the Bible for processing the inevitable doubts about God that we experience in life. The lesson provides incredible insights for overcoming doubt. Matthew 11:2-6.

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