St. Marcus MKE Sermons

In our last week of this series, we’ll be talking about THE LOVE OF GOD. This generation of Christians has often been conditioned to think of God in loving terms. However, many  Christians simply don’t know what to think when negative circumstances in life inevitable strike. They think, "How could a LOVING God _______________?” It feels like divine rejection. Romans 8:35-39 has some answers. 

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 This week we’ll be talking THE JUSTICE OF GOD. One of the best/clearest explanations of the gospel in the Bible is 2 Cor. 5:21. It teaches us that the gospel of Jesus Christ involves BOTH the forgiveness of sins AND the gift of Christs righteousness. An understanding of Gods justice system can help relieve anxiety about past mistakes, reduce pressure for perfect performance, and offer a lens through which we view our fellow man positively. 

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This week, we’ll be talking GOD’S REMEDY TO OUR DEPRESSION. Many of us have heard Christians make somewhat insensitive comments about depression being merely a lack of faith. Then again, many of us have heard others make comments about depression being merely a chemical issue, when there clearly seems to be some lack of trust in God present. So what is it? The Bible’s take might surprise you.

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This week we’ll be talking HOW THE GOSPEL OVERWHELMS ANXIETY. Many Christians can summarize the basics of the gospel, but are much less accustomed to working the gospel into the corners of their lives as a resource for navigating a big, scary, fallen world. The gospel is the perfect tool for reducing anxiety.

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