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First and foremost if we are going to begin realigning our life to be sustainable we need to start with the one thing needed – time with Christ.  We will be looking at one of the most well known stories of the Bible, Mary & Martha.

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"Peace be with You" is a stand alone message, looking at Jesus' first interactions with his disciples following the resurrection. These men had all fled, doubted he was the Messiah, rejected the women's reports, and were in the midst of life crisis and faith crisis and Jesus' first words to them are, "Peace be with you!"  He then commissions them!  He not only forgives their doubt, but turns and immediately focuses them on looking towards sending the message that HE HAS RISEN!  He speaks the same to us!  

The message presupposes that one has recently seen the last 4 minutes of the movie, "The Road to Emmaus" which was shown in worship as an intro to the message.


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