St. Marcus MKE Sermons
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August 23,2015|Nehemiah | Week #7
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June 6, 2015 | Baggage | Week # 2 | Powerless
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First and foremost if we are going to begin realigning our life to be sustainable we need to start with the one thing needed – time with Christ.  We will be looking at one of the most well known stories of the Bible, Mary & Martha.

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"Peace be with You" is a stand alone message, looking at Jesus' first interactions with his disciples following the resurrection. These men had all fled, doubted he was the Messiah, rejected the women's reports, and were in the midst of life crisis and faith crisis and Jesus' first words to them are, "Peace be with you!"  He then commissions them!  He not only forgives their doubt, but turns and immediately focuses them on looking towards sending the message that HE HAS RISEN!  He speaks the same to us!  

The message presupposes that one has recently seen the last 4 minutes of the movie, "The Road to Emmaus" which was shown in worship as an intro to the message.


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One of the hand-picked “friends” sells him out for a pocketful of cash?!  Jesus’ church treasurer?!  Judas started the conversation himself?!  Then Peter too?!

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Scandal: an event which outcome offends your expectations 
When we look at the events leading up to the death and resurrection of our Savior we are confronted with multiple scandals, things people wouldn't tolerate from their leaders. Yet, God had a Plot from before time began...

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Come and See, as God brings kings or wisemen from the East to worship Jesus with gifts. As we see the first Christmas presents given we see the heart of giving is the love God has for us. 

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Come and See, as we gather with others who have journeyed back to Bethlehem to see the birth of our Savior, perhaps one of the reactions we talk about the least is the reactions of two individuals who spent their lives worshipping God in the Temple.  

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Many of us can recite this section from memory. We know it so well that we don’t pause to realize the magnitude of what is being spoken. The pivotal point in history, God becoming MAN and we gloss over it because we’ve heard it so frequently.  There in the manger, in a feed box is the creator of the universe, helpless, hungry, cold, and HUMAN!  God moved history, used public officials greed to line up so that his prophecies would be fulfilled in the birth of Jesus’ arrival.  As we come to see the arrival of our Lord, as we prepare our hearts for Christmas, we are confronted with the simplicity.  We are confronted with the complexity of the God becoming man, in such a humble and simple place.  We also see the reactions of those who were first to meet Jesus, the shepherds.  Once they  saw him… they couldn’t contain themselves!

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Jesus spends time WITH a grieving family in John 11. 

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The first people we see Jesus interacting WITH beyond a quick conversations are his disciples.  Particularly we are looking at how Philip and Nathanael are different. How one heard Jesus and believed and was overjoyed, and how the other, was skeptical. Nathanael couldn’t wrap his brain around how the Messiah could come from Nazareth.  His head and his hart struggled. We first see, Philips wisdom in not trying to argue, or push the point only that he pauses and invites. Then Jesus takes over.

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Jesus’ trip to the wedding with his mom and disciples wasn’t supposed to be the place for him to make his entrance as the Messiah! He was spending time WITH his family, and disciples, and in the process a miscalculation of party supplies, puts him on the spot and there he performs his first miraculous sign.  For his disciples it was an initial glimpse into who he really was, and for us it is a glimpse, into the fact that Following Jesus, doesn’t stop on Sundays.

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Jesus spends time WITH a religious leader who doesn't quite get it.  The most well known Gospel passage, John 3.16, is spoken to a religious leader so that he understood Jesus' purpose in coming. 

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Jesus spends time WITH a sinful woman and reveals his grace and mercy. 

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Jesus spends time WITH a family with special needs. So often in life we are looking for answers and sometimes God's answer is, "no one messed up, this happened that the work of God might be seen." 

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