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Pastor Kelly talks about how Mary the mother of Jesus displays great faith as Gabriel delivers the shocking news.  And how the reality of her situation begins to sink in and she bolts for her cousins house who is also pregnant.  

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This Sunday, Pastor Kelly is going to bring to light the prophecies of the past that are all wrapped up in the one announcement that the savior of the world is to be born. 

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As we look at Jesus’ trial, he doesn’t look like the KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS, but it is his death and resurrection that reveal he is our KING!  Don’t be fooled by culture which says Jesus wasn’t a historical figure, or he was just a prophet or good teacher.  Don’t be Fooled he is THE KING!

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It is hard to wait.  Culture wants us to be fooled that we can play, live up the good life and repent at the last moment because we’ll get one more chance.  Reality is, we don’t know exactly when the end is coming. Each and every day needs to be lived as though we are prepared for the Kings return.  We go to so many weddings, this picture of waiting for the bridegroom is a great picture for us to use .  

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Don't Be Fooled  - Week # 1

We kick-off the series looking at Jesus’ teaching on the sheep and the goats and his separation of those who believe and know and those who go through the actions but they are all about the self-righteous acts.  The foolishness we are confronting in this is two fold, first that there will be a judgment, Jesus will actually return and will actually Judge the world.  The second is how are we judged.  Many believe they will be in heaven because they lived a good life, but the only thing that saves is faith in Christ. 

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