St. Marcus MKE Sermons

Many of us can recite this section from memory. We know it so well that we don’t pause to realize the magnitude of what is being spoken. The pivotal point in history, God becoming MAN and we gloss over it because we’ve heard it so frequently.  There in the manger, in a feed box is the creator of the universe, helpless, hungry, cold, and HUMAN!  God moved history, used public officials greed to line up so that his prophecies would be fulfilled in the birth of Jesus’ arrival.  As we come to see the arrival of our Lord, as we prepare our hearts for Christmas, we are confronted with the simplicity.  We are confronted with the complexity of the God becoming man, in such a humble and simple place.  We also see the reactions of those who were first to meet Jesus, the shepherds.  Once they  saw him… they couldn’t contain themselves!

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