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The account of the first Pentecost gives us an incredible example of the gathering of all of God's people and where they come from. We celebrate the diversity of place and acknowledge that God used this festival day to disperse his believers and the Message into different corners of the world.

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This is our 6th and final week of O Church Arise: Modern Lessons from the Story of the Early Christian Church. Much of the talk in the series has been our Christian witness, in both our words and actions. This week we see the pinnacle of a Christian witness in Stephen, the first Christian martyr (the Greek word for “witness” is actually martyrion). Fascinatingly, we seek the example of what angry, scared religious people look like in our lesson, as well as how to turn into a gracious believer, like Stephen. This week, we’ll examine Acts 7:54-60.

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Today, our cities are full of diverse people from different ethnic backgrounds. Cities in Biblical times, namely Rome, had more diversity than we might have originally expected. In Colossians 4, the apostle Paul encourages us to be wise in the way that we act towards people different from ourselves. Early Jewish Christians were able to form relationships with people not like them and they set an example for us to follow today.

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Week 5 of O Church Arise: Modern Lessons from the Story of the Early Christian Church. In prior weeks, we’ve seen some of the hostility that the Early Church faced from outsiders. But Satan’s attack on Christianity also often comes from within the Church. This week we’ll look at the fascinating account of Ananias & Sapphira, an account in which at first glance, we might be inclined to wonder if the punishment fits the crime. The subtlety of it makes Ananias & Sapphira’s sins equally deadly to us.

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Inspired by the power of the Holy Spirit, the apostle John tells us that we are believers by looking at what God has done for us. We know we are Christians by the love that is motivated by Christ and by faith that can be only be worked by the Holy Spirit.

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Week 4 of O Church Arise: Modern Lessons from the Story of the Early Christian Church. Without question, Scripture makes it clear that one of the factors of the explosive growth of the Early Church was the beauty of early Christian Community. The early believers actually lived like all of their possessions belonged to God, and they were simply managers here on earth for a while. This led them to show radical generosity to one another. We’re going to take a look at how generosity like that becomes possible when we study Acts 4:31-37, “The New Community.”

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The apostle John gives us two tests before we trust that a spiritual message is actually a Christian message. The first test is "What is the message?" and the second test is "Who is the audience?"

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Week 3 of O Church Arise: Modern Lessons from the Story of the Early Christian Church. Last week, we saw a snapshot of what the Early Christian Church, filled with the Spirit, was doing. This week, we’re looking at the types of things the Early Christian Church was saying – what specifically was the message of their witnessing. We find that Peter and John were sharing their faith in a pluralistic world, much like Christians in the city today. What does it sound like to be a courageous witness? We’ll take a look at Acts 4:1-14 as we worship under the theme of “Peter Heals a Beggar and Defends His Faith.”

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Week 2 of O Church Arise: Modern Lessons from the Story of the Early Christian Church. This week we’ll be looking at Acts 2:40-47, the implications of Pentecost. Dr. Luke, the author of the Book of Acts, gives us an amazing portrait of the Early Christian Church. It doesn’t look exactly like the American Church today. Should it? What fueled it to be so different? This week we’ll worship under the theme of “Pentecost and Its Meaning.”

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